About Jim’s catamaran training

So, what makes Jim’s catamaran training different to all the rest?

mago full sail

Space and Speed!

As an RYA (Royal Yachting Association) recognised sailing school, we can issue certificates for all the RYA courses. Competent crew, Day Skipper, Coastal Skipper, but so can all the others, so why learn with me?.

Who’s teaching? Jim Duerden YMI Ocean Examiner. I’ve been teaching sailing for the last 30  years. Unlike some, its not my hobby its my job and my passion. Every one learns in different ways and at different rates. You can cram if you like but we run five, seven, nine and even twelve day trips for those who want to take in new ideas slowly.

Some folks have huge confidence on the water from the moment they start. Others don’t and  I understand.  Sailing is crossing oceans for some and pottering up rivers for others! I love the whole lot and believe firmly that we can all enjoy this life style in our own way. So don’t worry, we work to your strengths while we chip away at the weaker points.

busy in meva

Students busy re packing the kite in Mevagissey

Its not all about RYA stuff anyway. We teach a lot more than that.

See catamaran familiarisation courses for example.

Money. You pay one fee and the rest (inc the dolphin?) comes free. This includes good fresh food (No pre-packed Yuk!) and the odd bottle of wine and the tab for mooring and marina fees is picked up by TOP CAT. Whoops!! You nearly had me paying for the drinks in the pub.

It’s up to you how much you do. It’s not the army, but Day Skipper and Coastal skipper practical courses are intensive and require early starts and late evenings to complete successfully.

We try to ensure a good mix of abilities, so everyone can gain as much as possible from their trip. With only 4 students per course you get more instructor time for your money and normally your own double cabin with shower and head (toilet).
NB, on longer distance course we may take five guests to help with watch keeping.

Course costs