Specific Cruising catamaran training catamaran twin engine manoeuvring

Catamaran Twin engine manoeuvring

Twin eDSC_0004ngine control (electric or diesel), advice on different drives (eg, hydraulic or sonic legs and Outboards). Props ahead or astern? of the rudders.  Weird hu?
We need a completely different approach when parking these beasts. Lots of beam and lots of windage, but a prop in two corners helps a lot once you know what to do.  If we loose one engine?. Tricky but there are techniques.

Blue moon alongside aground
Once we get alongside how do we tie up?
With very high topsides  we can’t step down?. Or the pontoon has shallower draft than our cat does so what do we do?

With Top Cat you will do  as many different manoeuvring Scenarios as I can think of including fast tidal stream work. Oh, you’re at the helm of course.






Catamaran sail manoeuvres

20140620_110301Tacking methods. Tacking under head sail or mainsail only.
Gybing methods ( there are 3). Then we get into gybing Asymmetric spinnakers

When to reef? Cats don’t heel so how do we know? How to reef which can be tricky with the boom above the Bimini.

Screecher. Light wind sail for up wind work flown from bowsprit

Screecher. Light wind sail for up wind work flown from bowsprit

Multihull stability.   Handling in strong winds. How to get the best out of different Catamaran Sail plans and rigs. eg Twin Headsails, Bow sprits, code zero’s and screechers.

Strong wind technique

How to handle Catamarans in bad conditions, eg, Reefing and headsail changing of course, but Hove to, Streaming warps/Parachute anchors, lying a hull, etc.
How to stay the right way up! and what if we get it wrong?
“Safely” doing things wrong is the best way of learning to do things right!




Anchoring and mooring techniques

Like living in a gold fish bowl

I think they were looking for shade?

Considerably different with two

hulls. Eg, Beaching with fore and aft anchors. Bridles and anchor angels ( weights to give more catanery)
Lots of cat charters in warm waters so med mooring techniques.

polourn stern to







safari sailing

Oh yes, they can be very different! freewing on a Twins 36


Lots of advice on types of cruising catamarans and their

got to be done

Got to be done. Winches work hard on cats

pros and cons. Everything you need for blue water cruising from info on chart systems to watermakers. We don’t sell boats and will tell you the good and the bad of the multihull.

Read here for a feel for what we do, or in some cases what we show you not to do!

Yes there is a lot to cruising catamaran training!