catamaran engines replaced

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We’ve been busy this winter to say the least! Yes there’s a lot more to sailing than sailing. eg engines replaced

Mago Merlino our catamaran was slipped in early November after her mast is lowered and placed on supports on deck for the winter in the shed.
Old engines removed.

Lots of cutting of GRP! Lots of mess.

Shafts and P brackets fitted and new engines for 2015 season.

Why? Sail drives are good for one thing. The boat builder. They are easy to install. We always wanted a shaft drive training boat but couldn’t find one! Sail drives waste power, leak and corrode if you are not very careful with anodes. Shafts just work

All went well and she’s back in the water and Flying! With her new motors and even better, Darglow feather stream props so no drag when sailing.




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