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Back in Cornwall after an epic  Scottish adventure. All local from now till November. ICC or YM exams no problem


Dates for


Yes. that too. Gota be done

2017 scroll down for 2018


As you can see we don’t just recover the fender! its real at top cat








Close quarters sailing skills a big part of what we do



Warping the Cat alongside


“Screeching” into Fingals cave on Staffa this summer





24th – 29th September.  sorry full

A Plymouth to Plymouth week. exams available for those who need them.

1st – 6th October sorry full

8th – 13th October
sorry full


29th – 3rd November

Still warm but getting windy! Plymouth start and finish. 2 places left


 April 1st – 6th

Plymouth Cornwall course. Always popular so book early.

Looks like Brittany in 2018, but watch this space. A few more weeks and I will have schedule. Call if you need to book early.


April 16- 22nd

A seven day course taking in channel Islands and or the North Brittany coast for those who want to get stuck into watch keeping, crossing the English channel and a bit more night sailing.

Sark at anchor

Harve Goslin on Sark in Channel Islands


now you don't see those every day

now you don’t see those every day

















youre smiling like the Dolphin

“You’re smiling like the Dolphin” Channel Islands









TopCat Scotland and back 2015

Great sailing, great training ! Heres a few pictures from a trip taking us from Plymouth along both south and north coasts of Cornwall, over


to Lundy thence to south Wales. Buryport, over to southern Ireland
( Arklow, Wicklow, Houth) Northern Ireland too.  Annalong, Strangford lough.  Over to Portpatrick on the Mull of Galoway. Into the firth of Clyde via AilsaCraig, Campbelltown on the Mull of kintyre, loch Ranza on Arran, Kyles of Bute then a crew change in largs.

That was just to get north. Heading south again took in  Ilse of man, Menai straight ( north Wales) and back via the Scilly’s. What a summer!

You get a little more with Top Cat. No we don’t swan around the Solent. These are  true Cruising courses. Passage planning big time. Real passage making. every harbour is one we have never seen!


2013 Spain adventure

Top Cats summer cruise got off to a fine start with an easy sail across the channel to L’Aberildut. I remember a right old fight getting the anchor back! tried every trick in the book and still getting nowhere. Eventually tried putting a small loop of chain around the main cable and dropping it down a tight main anchor chain. Drop the main chain and pull on the small loop. It worked! we couldn’t believe it. All stop here though as we found the starboard engine had cracked a piston? So a U turn and back over the channel via Ile de batz ( Beautiful drying anchorage in perfect shelter) Limped home, Well I call it limping, but we had sails and one engine just like half a boat!. Engine  re bored etc. Mago eventualy got here self down to Northern Spain. A hard place to cruise with big swells, shallow drying entrances and harbours few and far between. Beautiful but not easy!

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