Why learn to sail on a Catamaran?

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Catamaran at sea

Well they’re…

“Twice” as stable?

Cats stay flat. Cruising Catamarans don’t heel so they make very stable learning platforms, unlike monohulls, where you live at 30 degrees. Imagine trying to learn to sail, navigate or even sleep at that angle!! Seriously, its hard to take your first steps navigating ( and fighting off the old seasickness) when you can’t see the horizon from the chart table. On a Catamaran you simply step into the saloon and there’s the chart table and a window so you can see the horizon.

“Twice” as safe?

All that stability means you’re not being constantly thrown about risking injury. A cockpit twice the size of most other sailing school boats, means everyone can learn to sail safely without tripping over each other. Two completely separate engines give us ultimate safety should one break down.

Safety is not just about “will it tip over?” I’ve been sailing these boats in all weathers for 20 years and I’VE NEVER COME CLOSE.

However I have made a lot of mistakes in the past due to tiredness. On catamarans you can sleep at sea without being thrown over the leecloth!

“Twice” as Manoeuvrable!

With those twin engines,  Catamarans are a joy in a tight spot. Some cats have single drives but you can steer the propeller ( Like an outboard on a RIB) There’s a skill to be learned as with anything else, but once you have it . They’re easy!

“Twice” as comfortable!

Why suffer cramp in the damp, when with us you can have a spacious living area, separate galley, hot shower and even proper central heating. Yes radiators!

At home you sleep in a rectangular bed and its flat. Why would you want to sleep in a triangular one at sea at an angle of 20 degrees?

“Twice” the fun!

When it comes to sailing, flat doesn’t mean boring.  Sailing Catamarans are quick! My favourite sport? OVERTAKING!

“Twice” as versatile!

Unrestricted by deep keels, Catamarans can go where they please – To the head of beautiful Cornish rivers, or parking on the beach for a Barby.

Shallow draft of about a metre opens up a huge range of venues denied you if you draw more and of course we dry out flat. Just step off and walk to the pub

All that said, catamarans like all boats, have their bad points and it is our job to point these out as well. See cat familiarisation course

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